Placement & Auditions

Auditions and Placement 2021-2022

We invite all instrumentalists ages 8-26 to join the KYO Program!

Senior KYO

Auditioned Symphonic Orchestra

21-22 Auditions June 12/13, 2021

Strings, Winds, Brass, Percussion

Typically 4+ years of ensemble experience
 (Strings: minimum RCM Grade 6/Suzuki Book 6+)

Junior KYO

Intermediate Orchestral Ensemble

21-22 placement by virtual meeting

Strings, Winds, Brass, Percussion

Typically 2+ years of ensemble experience 
(Strings: RCM Grades 2-6/Suzuki Books 3-6)

Farm Team

Beginner Instrumentalists


Strings, Winds, Brass, Percussion

Typically 0-2 years of ensemble experience

(Strings: RCM Grades 1+/Suzuki Books 2-3)



Farm Team

Farm Team participation does not require a placement hearing or audition.

Youth interested in joining this ensemble are asked to express an interest in an orchestral instrument they might like to play, or may join as a beginner who already has an instrument. Post pandemic there will again be opportunity to test out an instrument with a faculty instructor. Please contact us for more information.

 To register for Farm Team for Fall 2021, contact our Recruitment Coordinator.

Junior KYO

Youth interested in joining this ensemble are asked to play a short selection of music in an informal meeting. 

Junior KYO placement hearings will be scheduled with our new Artistic Director for June 2021. The meeting will be about 10 minutes and held online. Guardians are encouraged to attend.

Please contact our Recruitment Coordinator to schedule your time.

Senior KYO


Senior KYO Auditions are currently schedule for June 12 and June 13, 2021. There is no cost to audition.

All returning KYO musicians are expected to audition in June 2021 for Fall 2021 participation.

Senior KYO ensemble musicians should be playing at a grade 6 Royal Conservatory of Music level, or with equivalent proficiency. Musicians playing at a lower proficiency may be considered upon recommendation of a music teacher or ensemble coach.

To schedule your audition, contact our Recruitment Coordinator.



  • One piece of your choice – 3-4 minutes showing technique, tone quality, and shifting tempo (something slower and melodic and faster and more technical). The solo will be heard unaccompanied and does not need to be memorized.
  • One major and one minor scale of your choice (three-octaves for string instruments and mallet percussion, two-octaves for winds and brass).
  • All students will be asked to sightread. Materials will be chosen by the conductor.
  • Percussion, harp, saxophone, and piano players please contact us for requirements.

To schedule an audition, contact our Recruitment Coordinator

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