Placement Auditions – 2022-2023

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Beginner Junior KYO musicians do not need to audition! You can Register for January 2023 here

Musicians interested in joining Intermediate and Senior ensembles must complete a placement audition.

Auditions will be held in person on December 4th, 2022, at All Saints’ Anglican in Peterborough. Complete your registration here to receive your assigned audition time and day. 

There is currently no fee to audition.

You do not need a piano accompanist for your audition!

The required audition music is directly below.

Percussionists, harpists, and pianists, please contact us for requirements.

          Required Audition Music

          Part 1 – Scales

          G Major Scale (as many octaves as is possible for you), played in steady 8th notes

          Part 2 – Select 2-3 minutes of music that displays your best playing.

          Don’t worry about being perfect! Practice consistently and slowly. It’s always more important you show musicality instead of a fast tempo or flashy playing. Musical expression comes from detail – we can’t be expressive if we don’t take the time to unfold and discover all the details in the music.