“Wow, where do I start? I was asked to write a two-line testimonial in support of Kawartha Youth Orchestra (KYO). That is impossible. To summarize how incredible KYO is and the dedicated volunteers into two lines can’t be done.”

Lynda, JKYO parent

“My daughter LOVED the UPBEAT pilot program. She provided rave reviews on every ride home and would look forward to each and every session. Congratulations on such a successful pilot!!”

Jennifer, UPBEAT parent

“The KYO embraced my son with open arms and through its commitment to his development was able to further drive not only advancement in music but also confidence and life skills.”

Spyros, KYO parent

“Our teen aspires to be a professional musician and the KYO is helping her toward that goal. We are especially grateful for the orchestra’s subsidy program, which makes it possible for her to participate and learn amazing music, play in a dynamic group and perform confidently with her peers. Sometimes it really does take a village. Thanks KYO!”

Jenny, KYO parent 

“Our child has thoroughly enjoyed this year in KYO and I’m so impressed with the efforts made to keep the kids engaged in music during these times [during the pandemic]. Please send my appreciation and thanks to all of the people involved who have made this happen.”

Angela, KYO parent

“[The JKYO is] one of her favourite things to do in her week. That makes me pretty happy. It’s a wonderful organization filled will lovely people. I myself can’t wait to be back in its atmosphere.”

Stephanie, JKYO and FT parent

“Kawartha Youth Orchestra opened up to me the incredible opportunity to develop skills in musicianship, leadership and group dynamics. I am currently in my third year with the KYO. A spirit of generosity and commitment, not only to music, but to the young people who make up all the KYO teams, has allowed me to share my knowledge and ability with other young musicians through mentorship. The KYO leadership has brought us through the trials of pandemic isolation and the successes of bringing new technology into the orchestra, so that young musicians like myself still have opportunities to grow.”

Tabitha, KYO musician

“I am very grateful for my experience as a musician and violinist in the KYO, and I believe it has helped shape me into the individual I am today. I am currently a family doctor working in Peterborough, Ontario. I recently became a mother, giving birth to twin girls, and I am already imaging what instruments they will play in the future! I learned so much from the KYO. I cannot wait to pay this community forward and use these leadership skills in various local committees and organizations….“

Natalie, KYO Alumna

“The KYO faculty are some of the nicest, kindest, most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. I truly can’t imagine how my life might have turned out if not for the friends, support and knowledge I gained through my time with the KYO. Being a part of the KYO, getting close with everyone and making friends has made me a better person.”

Bryce, KYO Alumnus

“If it weren’t for such a positive environment I’m not sure I would have realized so soon that I wanted to become a professional musician. My five seasons with the KYO have been some of the best years of my life so far, not to mention I’ve meet some of the most amazing, talented people thanks to the orchestra and getting to know them has truly been a gift.”

Tyler, KYO Alumnus

“I continued on to study music at the university level. The skills that I learned at the KYO were integral to my success in my studies. I am now a music teacher and I use the skills I learned in the KYO every day to encourage and instill passion for music.
I have been a woodwind coach for groups in England and the Caribbean but I’m most happy returning to work with woodwinds in the KYO Farm Team. Giving back to this orchestra and our musical community is a real honour.”

Maddy, Farm Team Coach and KYO Alumna

“Whenever I’m stuck or in need of inspiration, I know I can reach out to the people in the music community to offer some insight. Every time I see new updates from the KYO, it reminds me of the world I want to be a part of. It makes me excited for the future and for the talented youth who have the pleasure of being part of the KYO.”

Hailey, KYO Alumna