Tuition, Bursary Aid, and Scholarship Information

At our core, we believe that music education and enrichment should be accessible to all, therefore we endeavor to keep tuition affordable for families and, as well, offer need-based tuition aid and an instrument lending library.

Music education opportunities are costly; accessing quality instruments and private lessons are comparable to joining other organized youth activities like sports, or dance, or robotics club. A substantial universal subsidy program ensures that individual tuition is modest and, as available, instruments are loaned to musicians in KYO programs. Families for whom the published tuition remains a challenge are invited to access additional tuition aid.

51%: Program & Teaching Staff, 40%: Instruments, Program Delivery Expenses, Program Space, 9%: Administration & Overheat. *Note: The average cost of running KYO programs is $5500 per youth per year.


The Orchestras tuition bursaries are made available to all registering musicians and are fixed according to a sliding scale matching family size and household income. Families are asked to provide a current year CRA Notice of Assessment as proof of income. This documentation is reviewed by the Bursary Committee in strictest confidence, and returned.

An additional 10% tuition discount applies to families registering multiple children.


A limited number of instruments from the KYO instrument lending library are available for season loan at no cost to registered musicians. Families are responsible for insuring instruments in their care against loss and damage. Families are also responsible for loaned instrument maintenance and repair costs. Any necessary repairs must be undertaken by a KYO approved instrument technician.

3d render of various instruments


Every season, KYO awards merit scholarships to musicians in The Orchestras program to be applied toward their music education – ie. lessons, instrument upgrade, music camp, etc. These awards are recognition of the musical and leadership contributions of youth members to the KYO and the Peterborough Arts community.

Bell Bassoons Ltd. Scholarship

The Bell Bassoons Scholarship encourages and supports bassoonists in the KYO. The award is open to youth musicians from any of the KYO ensembles, and is provided to help support musician enrichment.

Helen Ball Leadership Award

The Helen Ball Leadership Award recognizes a KYO youth musician who demonstrates a high level of commitment to the KYO, leadership from within the KYO, and demonstrated support for music and the arts in the wider community. The award is open to youth musicians from any of the KYO ensembles.

Women’s Art Association Award

The Women’s Art Association Award supports a member of the KYO to pursue music studies or training at the post-secondary level.